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Kurt M. Widhalm
Kurt M. Widhalm
Medical University of Vienna

Since 1974: Head of Outpatient Clinic for Obesity, Feb.1978: Senior Lecturer in Pediatrics; Specialized for Lipid Disorders and Nutrition Counseling 1980: Assoc.Prof.of Pediatrics ( Univ. Dozent) July 1986: Professor for Pediatrics 1987: Head of the "Academy of Clinical Nutrition" of the Austrian Nutrition Society and of the Physicians Board of Vienna 1.1.1988-1992: Director of the Austrian Screening Program for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (incl.Treatment Program), located on the Dept. of Pediatrics, Univ.Vienna 15.10.1992: Director and Head of Internal Department of the Mautner Markhof Children's Hospital, Vienna 1994: Professor for Clinical Chemistry 1995: Professor for Pediatrics, Dept. for Pediatrics, Univ.Vienna 1997: President Austrian Academy for Medical Nutrition 2003: Full Professor for Clinical Nutrition and Head of Dept. Nutrition and Metabolism 2011 Oct.: Retirement of the Med Uni Vienna (still responsible for the lectures in Clinical Nutrition, for diploma studies, etc.) 2012: Appointment at the PMU Salzburg (within the EU Project: Beta-Judo as Principal Investigator) 2012: Start of the Prevention Project in Viennese Schools (sponsored by Österreichischer Herzfonds)

Research Interest

Nutrition and Metabolism

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